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Wait what.

OMG I did it!! I finally got a Full Combo on a Normal level! My heart was racing as I reached the ending that I thought I would so screw up my combo but I did it! Yay!!!
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You know you’ve had enough of Deemo when you’re seeing more blue than orange. #$%^%

thatartistgirlaja replied to your photo “I still have a long way to go in mastering this game. But for now,…”

Omg i love Deemo!!!ヽ(・∀・)ノ

Yay!! Another Deemo fan! :D

But that’s on easy! (though i find easy the hardest because the “keys” are matched worse then in the normal or hard level)

I understand what you mean! It took a while for me to get which beat matched where, especially on Easy level. Eventually I enjoyed playing on Normal more but getting all the notes was near impossible for me. So I kept playing on easy to at least get the tapping right and for now, I’m happy to get a full combo on easy.

Shall practice more to get the same for the normal level!

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